• Karen Ziefeldt


Hi everyone,

When visiting Croatia last month, we spent some amazing days at Hotel Villa Dubrovnik, which is definitely one of the most beautiful and architecturally cool boutique hotels, I've stayed at.

The hotel is located on the eastern edge of Dubrovnik and is just about 1.5 kilometers from the the medieval walls protecting the city's Old Town, which by the way is definitely worth a visit - but more about that in a later post. 😉

When arriving to Villa Dubrovnik, we were met with this super cool architectural entrance.

And the entrance - as well as the roofs of the building - is basically all you can see of the hotel, since the rest - which is quite a bit - is set below the road and secluded in maritime pines, making it almost invisible from the road.

To enter the hotel, you either take the elevator down to the hotel's entrance and lobby...

... or you can take the stairs hidden in the stone wall.

Now that is kinda cool. 😍

Villa Dubrovnik has only 55 rooms, which is one of the things I really like about boutique hotels; it gives a much more intimate atmosphere, and in some hotels, like Villa Dubrovnik, you almost get the feeling that you're staying in a private home.

Also, boutique hotels tend to be a lot more creative in their interior design and decoration of both communal areas but also the individual rooms, which definitely was the case with this stunningly beautiful hotel.

I absolutely loved the architecture and interior design of Villa Dubrovnik, which at the same time is both elegant and classy yet rustic and cool.

The pristine white architecture really provides a stunning contrast to the surrounding rocky landscape and emerald green waters of the Adriatic Sea, which if you ask me, is one of the most beautiful seas in the world. 💦

We stayed in a lovely room with great natural light and an amazing bathroom and balcony, from which we had a great view to the Island of Lokrum as well as Dubrovnik’s Old Town.

// Beautiful flowers when arriving to the room. 💐

// Balcony view of Lokrum Island.

// Balcony view of Dubrovnik Old Town.

// Beautiful little cave-like beach right next to the hotel.

Another cool feature of Villa Dubrovnik is the hotel's proximity to water; you besically step right into the water from the hotel's property, which in this case essentially are rocky cliffs turned into a lovely sunbathing area. I mean, how pretty is this? 😍

//​ Beach front entrance.

// Ready for a swim. 💦

In terms of activities, there's really is a lot you can do at Villa Dubrovnik - besides relaxation and enjoying the wonderful surroundings of course, which is almost mandatory, when staying at a place like this.